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Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson each selected to an All-NBA team

Steph is on the 1st team, Draymond on the 2nd, and Klay on the 3rd. This the first time since 1956 that the Warriors have had a trio of players selected to All-NBA teams.

The NBA released the list of All-NBA teams, and there were a few surprises. Anthony Davis did not make a team. DeAndre Jordan made the 1st team. But, more to our site, the Warriors did something they've never done before in franchise history: place three players on All-NBA teams.

Correction from"The three players are the first Warriors trio to be named to the All-NBA team since Paul Arizin (First Team), Neil Johnston (First Team) and Jack George (Second Team) all earned the honor in 1955-56."

After Curry's unanimous MVP selection, it was not a surprise to see him unanimously selected to the 1st team. Draymond Green finished with the second highest total on the 2nd team (behind Kevin Durant), including 40 1st team votes (four more than Durant). Klay Thompson placed solidly on the 3rd team. While he did not garner any 1st team votes, he did receive 37 2nd team votes, more than anyone else on the 3rd team.

Will this high honor propel the Warriors to a victory tonight? We'll see, as the Warriors take on the Thunder in Oakland with their season on the line.

What do you think GSOM? Did the voters get it right? Also, how about Harden, huh?

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