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Send us your questions! Facebook Live Q&A session with credentialed staff writer Andy Liu

Have you ever wanted to talk hoops with a credentialed NBA writer? Well now is your chance! Submit your questions below to be answered in a live Q&A session on Facebook with Andy Liu.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Join credentialed Golden State of Mind staff writer Andy Liu and Andrew Flohr in a live Q&A session tonight at 7:00 PM PST on GSoM's Facebook page via Facebook Live.

DubNation is home to some of the most passionate and knowledgeable fans in the world, and we want to hear your hot takes, opinions and questions regarding all things Warriors and the 2016 NBA Playoffs. We encourage you to jump into the action on Facebook by interacting with us through the live comment feed, which allows users to share their reactions, thoughts and questions.

Can't make the live stream at 7:00 PM tonight? Don't worry because we've got you covered!

Just leave the following information in the comments section below:

  • Username/Name
  • Location
  • Question

For example:

Andrew from San Francisco, CA.

Should the Warriors rest Steph Curry in game three on Saturday?

You can also send us your questions via Twitter by tagging either @AndyKHLiu or @Flo4Three.

Questions will be answered during the live Q&A. Once finished, the video will be saved and available to watch at your leisure on both GSoM and

Our community here at Golden State of Mind spans the entire country and is one of the largest in the SBNation network. All questions are welcomed and we look forward to hearing the pulse of the best fans in basketball.

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