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Watch Andy Liu answer your questions on Facebook Live Q&A

You asked, we answered! Watch Andy Liu and Andrew Flohr answer your questions from their Facebook Live Q&A session.

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Thousands tuned in to watch credentialed GSoM staff writer Andy Liu sit down with Andrew Flohr for a live Q&A session on Facebook last night.

Here is a quick synopsis of what is discussed in the video, which can be watched in it's eternity below or on the GSoM Facebook page.

  • Many are curious about the return of Stephen Curry. Andy believes he will against the Blazers at some point in hopes of getting back into rhythm. While Curry is hoping to play in game three, Andy states there is a 50-50 chance of that happening, with a much more likely chance of Curry playing in game four.
  • We can't talk Warriors without breaking down Golden State's upcoming free agents. While there are a number of them (Barnes, Ezeli, Livingston, Speights, Clark, Varejao and McAdoo), the Warriors are in a good position to bring most, if not all of them back.
  • While the Los Angeles Lakers will most likely throw big money at anyone and everyone this off season, Golden State can match offer sheets for both Barnes and Ezeli. Can Ezeli expect to see a contract of $10-15 million per year coming his way?
  • Andy also gave insight to why we didn't see Festus Ezeli in game 1 as well as the first half of game two. He noted that head coach Steve Kerr can't stand players who disrupt the flow of the offense. Ezeli finished off the Houston series with some unneeded shots which prompted Kerr to insert Anderson Varejao, who can operate much like Bogut within the offense due to his passing abilities.

You can also tweet any additional questions to both Andy Liu (@AndyHKLiu) and Andrew Flohr (@Flo4three) at any time.

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