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Will Lil B's curse scare Kevin Durant away from the Warriors this summer?


Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Lil B, the Berkeley-born rapper and high wizard of life-altering curses, has a long history of beef with Kevin Durant. It's so long in fact, that then-Grantland writer Andrew Sharp chronicled the beef in pain staking fashion.This was in 2014.

You should read the whole article for some pretty amazing back and forth internetting from both the fine gentlemen, but if you only watch one thing, watch this:

Caution: Inappropriate language throughout but, also, it's hecka catchy and I like the production.

While Lil B's cursing eye eventually wandered onto more bearded terrains, the fact remains: Kevin Durant is, theoretically, still cursed by Lil B and will never win a championship until the curse is lifted.

Lil B is a Bay Area native and a fan of the Warriors, so the question remains: Will this stop Kevin Durant from joining the Warriors this off season?

Will he look to the Bay and be like, "Nah. I'm good. Lil B is out there and that dude cursed me."

Or.... OR???

A second theory:

Maybe Durant will realize his only chance to lift the curse and therefore lift a championship trophy is to JOIN THE WARRIORS! I mean, if he comes out to the Bay, Lil B will HAVE to lift the curse right?? Lil B wouldn't curse a superstar on his favorite team? Perhaps we can use this as leverage in negotiations.

Either way, it's definitely something to keep an eye on. Someday we'll look back at all this madness and remember that our lives are nothing more than tiny filaments caught up in webs of Lil B's wizardry.

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