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Podcast: Talking 2016 NBA Finals with a Cavaliers writer who is the king of salt

In a wiiiide ranging conversation, we cover all things Warriors vs. Cavaliers, adventures in Snapchat, and the impact of the upcoming convention on the city of Cleveland.

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We welcomed Ryan Mourton (aka, the King of Salt) from Fear the Sword on to the podcast to talk all things Warriors vs. Cavaliers. Somehow, we also managed to discuss Ryan's adventures in Snapchat, how the Warriors are "corny," and the upcoming convention in Cleveland and how that will impact the city.


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Annotated talking points:

Note: Add a minute or so to timestamps if blogtalk radio inserts an advertisement.

:24 - "We have nothing planned."

1:00 - Ryan gloats about Game 3

5:00 - How does Kevin Love fit into this series, even if healthy?

8:25 - A deeper question about northeastern Ohio

14:00 - Context of the Warriros being bad for such a long time

21:30 - Bram's "Giver" reference falls flat because Ryan doesn't read books

22:30 - Stephen Curry's level of play through Game 3

29:50 - Warriors capable of "really, really off games"

35:00 - Cavs' historic lineup with Shaun Livingston, Mo Speights, Luke Walton, Kyrie Irving, and Wayne Ellington

36:50 - Steve Kerr as "Speight whisperer"

39:00 - "Random hatred keeps you honest"

39:45 - Previewing Game 4

43:40 - Ranch dressing. HOW CAN PEOPLE HATE RANCH DRESSING?!

46:40 - "The Warriors are corny"

49:30 - Ryan's adventures in Snapchat

52:00 - Nate would be hella arrogant if he made 400 threes in a season

54:00 - Now we're talking mad ish about Kobe for some reason. Tweet your responses to @NateP_SBN

58:00 - "The Warriors are going to win out"

59:40 - Ryan throws so much shade at Miami

1:01:00 - Nate opens up the floogates. Now we are talking politics/upcoming convention in Cleveland and how that will impact the city.

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