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Podcast! Cavaliers blogger: "I can't wait for this season to be over"

Yup, things are getting real up in here.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Bram Kincheloe and Nate Parham welcomed Ryan Mourton back on to the podcast. Things got, predictably, weird.

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Annotated list of talking points.

(Also, if Blogtalk adds an advertisement, adjust your timestamps accordingly)

2:25 - "Rigging these boats up for cross country wave-faring!"

3:10 - All the noise leading up to Game 5

4:00 - "LeBron just seems so much better when nobody likes him."

5:35 - Bram's aborted dream for Game 5, aka Draymond getting hammered and accepting the Finals MVP while completely s--t faced.

7:05 - Getting back to how LeBron performs better when people hate him

9:15 - Nate requests that Bram moderate this conversation, to no avail

10:00 - A long conversation (soliloquy?) about internet commentors, and hatred on the internet

13:00 - Bad things happen in the world, why make basketball a horrible thing as well?

15:25 - Social media "group think"

16:50 - "Petty insults and deep basketball analysis"

18:45 - Maybe the big man comes back

19:40 - "We gotta calm down on the salt and the hateful [energy]" which is hilarious given how Bram named this article

21:20 - Harrison Barnes' shoddy play

25:00 - Nightmare scenario Game 7 for the Warriors

26:30 - Bram makes a very unfortunate J.R. Smith joke

27:40 - The league is rigged. Oh god...

30:30 - "Cats are the worst." "The Cavs are the worst, I agree."

30:57 - "I've never been so ready for a season to end." Yup, he just said that.

32:10 - Trade proposal for Kyrie Irving

34:00 - Bram has a very, very horrible experience with #math, thereby validating Ryan's intelligence in regards to Ryan's troll on GSOM

35:30 - Ryan as Cavs' GM. How can the Cavs challenge the Warriors moving forward, trade-wise?

37:00 - "Kyrie is the modern day Monta Ellis." Bram tries to burn down the GSOM/FtS internet

40:35 - Who should start in Game 6 for the Cavs?

42:50 - Bram wants to see the world burn

44:10 - Nate's final thoughts on Game 6

45:40 - Ryan's final thoughts

47:35 - Love/Wiggins swap inevitable? Ryan's thoughts on the subject. Regret?

49:30 - A redraft featuring Harrison Barnes signals the end of this conversation

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