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Podcast: After rollercoaster series against the Thunder, we look to easier days ahead vs Cavs

The Golden State Warriors got past the Oklahoma City Thunder by the skin of their teeth. We examine what went well and what crashed and burned against OKC, while looking ahead to a Finals rematch with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Do the Cavs have what it takes to make the same challenge that OKC was able to put up?

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  • 0:54 — Was this OKC series the biggest challenge the Warriors have had in years?
  • 2:19 — OKC attacked Warriors' strength with their own small ball and length on defense
  • 12:03 — The importance of the three-point line in the series
  • 14:40 — Bright future of the Thunder, aka wow they almost seemed unbeatable
  • 16:58 — Adams is a Khaleesi?
  • 21:25 — Draymond Green and the Steven Adams effect
  • 26:55 — Warriors were a turkey that got stuffed by the Thunder's wins (!?)
  • 27:54 — Warriors-Cavs preview. Cleveland gonna push the pace?
  • 40:21 — How are the Cavaliers different this time around than last Finals?
  • 45:52 — Warriors-Cavs predictions!

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