I will remember.

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Despite the loss tonight, there are so many things that I will remember about this epic season.

I will remember the Warriors going 24-0 to start the season better than anyone else ever has. I will remember all of the records that Steph shattered. I will remember watching Steph shoot half court buzzer beater shots and expecting them to go in every time because so often, they did. I will remember where I was for every. single. record he shattered. I will remember Klay Thompson winning the 3-point contest at the All Star Game. I will remember all of Draymond's triple-doubles. I will remember Andrew Bogut making a three point shot on Steph Curry's birthday, which might just be my favorite memory of this season. I will remember the next man up mentality that allowed them to get through injuries. I will remember the game against OKC where Andre Iguodala made all of his free throws to help push the game to overtime. I will remember the Dubs beating the Cavs on Christmas in front of my entire family.

I will remember the Warriors having three games left on the season and needing three wins to get the elusive 73-9 record. I will remember that they won one of those IN San Antonio. I will remember the Dubs being down 3-1 in the OKC series and pulling a 2012 Giants JUST to get to the Finals in the first place.

Many things went wrong in the last three games, but I will remember how Draymond got his suspension. Obviously he put himself in that position in the first place, but I will remember how LeBron and the Cavs pushed for the suspension over trash talk that happens on a daily basis in the NBA. I will remember the fact that LeBron went out of his way to trash talk the Warriors in every game after that. I will remember that the Cavs used every trick in the book to win games 5 & 6, and they did, I mean do what you have to do to win, right? But I will remember this. History may forget that part, but I won't. And that's just this salty fan's opinion. Game 7 was a fair win, and I tip my cap to the Cavs.

But I won't forget what this team gave me this season. This team gave me 73-9 on the regular season. A championship would have been excellent. It really would have. But championships are given out every year. A record breaking season is once in a generation, if you're lucky. This 2015-2016 Warriors team gave me the best season of basketball anyone is likely to ever see in their lifetime. And for that, I thank them.

Bring on next season, I can't wait to see what the Warriors have in store for me.

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