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Podcast: 2016 NBA free agency, the Kevin Durant sweepstakes, and the Harrison Barnes conundrum

After giving ourselves some time to heal after Game 7 heartbreak, the Mindcast crew realizes that, no, we haven't healed — so let's move on and talk 2016 NBA free agency. Will the Warriors get Kevin Durant? How has the Harrison Barnes equation changed? Are the Warriors already planning to move on from Andrew Bogut and toward the future with a completely revamped roster? And what new ways will we find to ridicule the Lakers? All that and more on this episode of Golden State of Mindcast!

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  • 0:00 — Reluctant post-mortem of Finals
  • 6:18 — How the loss affects approach (at least by fans) leading into free agency
  • 8:26 — Jeez — is the roster of a 73-win team getting overhauled?
  • 9:00 — Outlook on Harrison Barnes, and how his putrid Finals performance affects expectations
  • 15:15 — Accidentally pivoted from Barnes to Durant. Whoops
  • 17:58 — If everybody under the sun gets a max this offseason, is Barnes the max you want?
  • 20:09 — Brief interlude of NBA salary stargazing
  • 22:24 — Bogut on the trading block and Pau Gasol as a potential replacement
  • 27:49 — Damian Jones' possible effect on outlook at center for Warriors, Kevon Looney's effect on rest of depth
  • 34:26 — "One last thing on Barnes..."
  • 37:10 — Moving on from Ian Clark and James Michael McAdoo?
  • 39:58 — Brooklyn fireworks begin. No, we're not talking about the Nets. Nobody is
  • 40:52 — "Nobody is going to go to the Lakers"

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