Everyone is talking Dray for MVP of 2016 NBA Finals but Iguodala is right there too

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

I know Dray has taken over the lead on the MVP here in the NBA Finals but don't sleep on Iguodala. The job he has done on LeBron James the last two years has been spectacular. Smart, with quick hands Iggy is no spring chicken. He has experience in the game and the intelligence to know where LeBron is going next before LeBron knows. You have to remember that defense wins Championships and I know Dray is doing it on both ends but don't forget about Iggy..he nasty..he sly..he is the Warriors guy when it comes to banging on James. I love defense and watching him do his thing on LeBron makes me smile and hoot and holla. You can talk about can talk about can even praise Dray..but the man with the hammer when it comes to guarding the Cavs James is Iggy. Co - MVP should not be out of the discussion especially when it comes to the Warriors..after all they made it here because of one thing TEAM Ball.

Go Warriors !!

Rock On !


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