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Stephen Jackson will NOT join Warriors’ training camp seeking to make NBA return


Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Full disclosure: Stephen Jackson might be my favorite Warriors player of all time. I’ll always have a prayer candle burning in the shrine of my heart for the “We Believe” team, and especially for Jackson’s fiery leadership, scowl, and bucket-getting-ability.

I mean, how awesome was this:

And how hilarious was this?

Lol, “Watch your biceps Buke!”

Now, Stephen Jackson might be primed to make a dramatic return to the Bay!


Okay, okay. I understand there is almost no way he makes the team. But... WHAT IF HE DOES???

What if he turns into the ultimate teammate, cheerleader, glue guy who never plays (except in crazy blowouts) but somehow unites the team and gives them a huge old “f you” edge?

Imagine... Steph Curry dribbles down the court, draws two defenders, kicks to Kevin Durant who pump fakes, drives into the lane. The defense is at a shattering point already, but at the last minute as three defenders crash down on him, KD kicks the ball out to Draymond Green near the free throw line. Draymond dribbles once, jumps into the lane, and EXPLODES OVER ALL THREE DEFENDERS. Stephen Jackson jumps up, salutes the crowd, waves a towel, and screams gibberish into the sky.


Also, when Kevin Durant announced his decison, Jackson had nothing but love for the former Thunder superstar.

“When you love the game, you wanna win. Why not go to Golden State and win?”

Indeed, why not go to Golden State and win??

Welcome home, Captain. Well, you know, if you somehow make the team.


UPDATE: Well, thiiiiis is awkward.

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