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Warriors star arrested for assault, released on bail

Draymond Green slapped a man and went to jail for it.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Draymond Green was arrested early Sunday morning in East Lansing, Michigan following an altercation at a restaurant. According to eyewitness reports, a man at Conrad's Grill repeatedly harassed and taunted the Warriors big man, who eventually responded by slapping his face.

That's right, Draymond slapped him.

Police were already on site, as the bars in downtown East Lansing closed and patrons stumbled the streets, looking for a cab or a gyros or maybe an NBA player to start a fight with. Conrad's, with their takeout and late night hours, is MSU's premier after hours snack shack, and like all places that cater to drunks, can be the perfect place to get into some after hours trouble.

"This is fairly common for a college town," Thomas Yeardon, the East Lansing City Attorney, told ESPN. The incident could result in $500 in fines and up to 90 days in jail for Green, though it's unlikely that he'll face maximum penalties given the circumstances, his clean legal history, and the level of attorney that an $85 million dollar contract can afford (not to mention his good standing among the MSU faithful, not to be downplayed in Spartan country).

Online documents have been released by the court, detailing the time of arrest and the charge (assault) against him. The Warriors forward was released on $200 bond, and he is scheduled to be arraigned by July 20th. It's unlikely that the court proceedings will interfere with Green's participation on the Olympic team or in his preparation for the upcoming NBA season.

There were no injuries. The Warriors released a statement to the press basically saying, "We heard about the incident, and we're looking into it."

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