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NBA Summer League 2016: Warriors take on Mavericks in final Vegas game

What more can the Warriors prove in their final game?

NBA: Summer League-Philadelphia 76ers vs Golden State Warriors Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

After losing to the Toronto Raptors in their second game of tournament play, the Warriors no longer have a chance to win the Vegas Summer League title. Luckily, I don’t think you’ll see anyone in the organization or on the court shedding any tears because of the lost opportunity.

Summer League is all about the future. Sumer League leaves you with more questions than answers. Questions, like: 1.) Who will “be a player” in this league? 2.) Which guys will step up and earn a spot in the league? 3.) Which unheralded talents will leave a lasting impression? 4.) Which upper echelon level players will underwhelm? 5.) How many times will I watch this video, while cackling and remembering my time in the SB Nation blog house with Ryan, Adam, Nate, Seth and the crew?

I can answer a few of those questions.

1.) No idea. Too soon to tell. Although, actually, put all your money on Devin Booker transitioning into a superstar. That kid just gets it, and is still younger than the majority of the other players who came to SL.

2.) Dejounte Murray looked NICE at times for the Spurs. Leave it up to San Antonio to find an absolute steal at the end of the first round. However, and more to our purposes, so did the Warriors. Patrick McCaw might never turn into a true star in the league, but he definitely, definitely can turn into a solid rotation player on a championship team. McCaw has the length, strength, and shooting ability to fit in seamlessly with the Warriors’ positionless approach. Honestly, watching him was downright impressive as the former UNLV standout impressed on both sides of the court. It’s amazing how the well-run, forward-thinking teams (Spurs, Warriors, etc) find a way to acquire meaningful talent, regardless of draft position. McCaw could easily turn into a Drymond Green type story where we look back and say, “Wait, how many teams passed on this dude?!”

3.) Well, see answer to question #2. Also, the Cavalier’s Kay Felder turned some serious heads during his time in Vegas.

4.) Ben Simmons moves like an immortal god. There is a certain effortlessness to the way he glides. You can’t even really put it into words. Even when he’s purely walking down a hallway, it seems as if he’s dancing. He is light on his feet, and his court vision is f’ing unreal. However, right now, he cannot shoot jumpers. Even though his form looks good, he just will not won’t not not shoot shots from the perimeter. His go to offensive move (if he does eventually shoot): put the ball on the ground, cross over, and drive towards the rim, where he inevitably finishes with his off (right) hand. I’m nitpicking, but he did confuse me during my time watching him, Also, I was underwhelmed watching Brandon Ingram, although most of that was due to D’Angelo Russell’s spectacular level of play.

5.) Oh man, I’m gonna watch this video like 1,240,046 times probably. If anything sums up my Vegas trip, it’s somehow this video.



So, anyways, the Warriors play their final game tonight at 7pm PT against the Dallas Mavericks. There’s not a whole lot more to learn or to experience. I’m safely back in NYC, finally, after spending a full week plus in the desert. I’d look to see marked development from some of the other players beyond McCaw. Will we finally see Robert Carter, Jr. break out of his slump? Will Kuzmic be able to do enough to earn an invitation training camp?

Either way, it’s been an interesting journey so far for #DubNation in Vegas.

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