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NBA Free Agency 2016: Warriors officially re-sign Anderson Varejao

The Warriors have officially reached an agreement with the Brazilian big man.

2016 NBA Finals - Game Three Photo by Larry W. Smith - Pool/Getty Images

In a move that we all sort of saw coming but perhaps didn’t quite envision as a signing-KD-level-victory, the Golden State Warriors have re-signed free agent center and NBA veteran Anderson Varejao.

Via the Warriors PR staff:

Varejao, who has been derided by Warriors fans for his play in the Finals, will actually fill a very important gap as the team looks to fill in the big man rotations after the departure of Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezeli.

Anderson proved himself a beloved teammate, however, as he won over the hearts and minds of the Warriors star core, as well as (apparently) the front office. In fact, here’s Ivan Bettger’s full Season Review on Varejao’s time with the Warriors.

Oh...wait...Ivan had the hot take that Varejao cost the Warriors the championship.

Oof. Ugh. Let me just take a minute and put my “breaking news hat” back on instead of the “terrified of the ramifications of this news” hat.

Okay, here we go. Whereas the terms of the deal were not released, Varejao is believed to have re-signed for one year (via Sam Amico).

So, what do you think guys? Smart decision by Myers? Retain some of that energy from last year? Varejao’s move of waiting at the locker room until the last Warriors’ player has returned from the court is classy as all heck. And his hair is interesting, albeit floppy and reminiscent of a Bart Simpson Hunt.

I don’t know, I’m almost talking myself into this.


Dammit. Wait, is this bad?

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