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Draymond Green Reaches Plea in Assault Case

Green reaches plea to move on from case - we quickly look at the details

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Freep Sports announced today that Draymond Green has reached an agreement for a plea deal on his pending assault case instead of letting the incident get to court. Green will face a minimal fine - $560, or what amounts to Draymond's salary for 8 seconds of game time in the coming NBA season. Green will be limited from contact with Jermaine Edmondson for one calendar year, which is pretty convenient as it appears Edmondson is moving on from MSU as we speak.

Green spoke last week that is legal team was handling the situation, and it appears that instead of letting this case become a public spectacle as Green is heading off to play with Team USA in Rio, we can now all avoid this avoidable legal matter and focus back on Summer Bonus Basketball.

Green has made it clear that though this incident was unfortunate, he "...can't put myself in certain situations. It's something that I'll learn from and move on.” I'm sure the slap on the wrist will, though Green has said he will not change his ways in the future, make him think twice about his public persona while he is in the NBA spotlight.

The NBA is already on notice - Green is the kind of guy that you can rattle by egging him on and possibly get an unwanted technical out of one of our franchise players. Let's hope after an NBA Finals suspension and now a very public offense at a bar, that Dray can gain some maturity and keep his focus on basketball.

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