Thompson: Warriors' Steve Kerr likes what he sees


"We don't have to change a whole lot of stuff," Kerr said. "We'll probably plug Kevin into what we already do. ... We can definitely add some things. Kevin makes any offense look better than it actually is. It's still about players sharing the ball. Playing with pace. Playing unselfishly." Kerr said the Warriors will definitely use their status as villains, mostly as comic relief. Knowing Kerr, he's lining up Gary Oldman to address the team about playing the villain role. Ron Adams is being suited for a Darth Vader costume to wear during film sessions. The light moments will be needed. The Warriors have a hard road ahead. The pressure will be immense. The vitriol thrown their way will be hectic. They will need to adjust quickly. Team USA is giving them a head start. "It's going to require some work together, and we're going to have to go through it to feel it," Kerr said. "It won't be easy all the time, that's for sure. This is what they all wanted. We're gong to have a lot of pressure on us. That's fine. We welcome that."