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The Warriors sign David West to a one-year minimum deal

The Warriors fill out their frontcourt depth with veteran power forward David West, who takes a one-year minimum deal for the second straight year in pursuit of a championship.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Because the Warriors are signing Kevin Durant to a max deal, the team is strapped for cap space. A good number of the players on its roster will have to sign for the league minimum, but luckily for the Dubs, some veterans are willing to give up money for the chance at a ring.  According to David Aldridge, the first veteran is on its way.

With Andrew Bogut and Festus Ezeli gone for sure, and Marreese Speights and Anderson Varejao free agents as well, the Warriors are likely revamping almost all of their entire frontcourt this year.  With rookie Damion Jones and veteran Zaza Pachulia recently brought on board, David West will join sophomore Kevon Looney at the backup 4.

At 35 years old, David West is a two-time All Star and a 13-year veteran.  In 2015, he gave up about 11 million dollars when he opted out of his contract with Indiana to sign with the Spurs in pursuit of a championship.  With the Spurs' playoff disappointment and Tim Duncan's likely retirement, David West continues his quest in Golden State.

David West plays the traditional power forward, with strong fundamentals and a deadly midrange jumpshot. Because of his age and style of play, he is likely more fit for a slower pace, and could prove useful as a scorer in bench lineups.  He's a consummate professional and intense competitor.  Welcome, David!

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