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Klay Thompson’s Olympic shooting percentage has been unbelievably bad so far

What’s behind this epic slump?

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Basketball - Olympics: Day 7 Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Klay Thompson—NBA Champion, All Star, member of the famed “Splash Brothers”—has so far had an amazingly horrible time shooting the ball from the field in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. His best game, believe it or not, came against Australia, where he scored six points on 2-9 shooting (2-6 from behind the shortened Olympic arc).

What is it that ails him? Is it the different FIBA ball, which perhaps has a slightly different grip? Is it the shorter 3 point line? Is it a lack of cohesion with his teammates? Or is it just that he doesn’t have to dominate for Team USA to win each game, even if lately they’ve been winning ugly?

15% from the field?? Let me just...Wow...That’s just...

What do you guys think? What’s behind this Olympic-sized slump?

Personally, I’m blaming his slump on the lack of being able to hang in the Olympic Village and get his Klay on.

Via USA Today:

Klay Thompson, who said he wants to find his way to the athletes’ village for a visit soon, noted the pros and cons of living on the boat.

“The pros (of the boat) is the comfort,” Thompson said. “There’s everything we need on there. We have a hot tub, we have a pool, we have a dining room, a nice room. The only con, I’d say, is you feel kind of removed from the Olympic Village and you kind of want to meet these other Olympic athletes. You kind of have to be able to get over there to do it, which is fine.”

Lol. C’mon fellas. Let a man spread his wings!

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