The 2016-17 Warriors: A "SWOT" Analysis

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Whenever we start a new Warriors season, I always like to provide my unfiltered and folksy SWOT analysis. Actually, it’s not really an analysis – it is my "gut" talking. I have a big gut, so you’d better listen! And I know that the great writers at GSoM will provide a more detailed analysis, which will be much more comprehensive than my "eye-ball scout" analysis. But I simply can’t help myself, so here goes……

But first, what is a "SWOT" analysis? Simply put, it is where you look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

The strengths

No offense, but we have a great offense, especially with the addition of Kevin Durant. Scoring will certainly not be our problem. Indeed, we could have the best scoring offense in NBA history. Of course, there is only one basketball to share, but when you have KD, Curry, and Klay, it will be shared very well and we could average 125 points per game. That was the magic number for Don Nelson. He believed that if his GSW squad could score 125 points, then they would win the game even without playing defense. No need to elaborate further on our offense. It is what it is, and it is awesome! Of course, the coaching will also be a strength – Kerr may likely win another COY Award. And we could see another GM of the Year Award, especially if Durant performs as expected. It could be remembered as the best free agent signing in NBA history.

The weaknesses

It is hard to find a weakness on this team, but if we must quibble, which we always do on GSoM, then I would say that the center position could be a weakness. Losing Andrew Bogut, even with all his faults, will leave us without rim protection. Zaza does not excite me, and neither does Damian Jones, although Javale McGee could be funny as sh*t. I told you that this Fan Post would be unfiltered! But if we score 125 points, then perhaps we can live with this weakness. Only time will tell. Another weakness could be our bench strength. Say what you will about Speights, Barbosa, and other bench players that we lost, but I think that our bench will be weaker than last season’s bench.

The opportunities

There are so many opportunities with this team. The obvious opportunity is that we will be in better shape to win another NBA title. Doh! But it will happen when we give our starters an opportunity to get more rest. I can envision many opportunities for KD and Curry to sit out the final quarter of each game when we have a 20-point lead. Of course, there are many other opportunities. We can explore the best offensive options with having so many great offensive players. Also, there is an opportunity to further develop some of our bench players. For example, I can see Ian Clark getting more playing time. This will help him become a better player and a better asset to our lineup. There will now be an opportunity for Draymond Green to continue expanding his versatility as the modern-day Magic Johnson.

The threats

Injuries are always a threat, and there isn’t much that you can do about it, except for giving the starters optimum rest, which will likely happen with this lineup. Possibly, another threat could be in weaving KD into the flow of our system, but I think that will be easy to do. But can egos get in the way? Will Klay or Curry resent KD taking the last shot to win a game? I seriously doubt that. This team is better than that – we are not the Carmelo Knicks or the Kobe Lakers. Of course, the biggest threat is LeBron James. But I think that even LeBron has resigned himself to getting his butt kicked by the Superteam. Again, no filter!

Well, that’s my simplistic SWOT analysis. What is yours?

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