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Jimmy Butler claims he could be best receiver in NFL; Durant says, “You’re an idiot!”

This is high grade roasting by Kevin Durant.

Jimmy Butler apparently has a very high opinion of his own football skills. Or, a very low opinion of elite NFL receivers.

"I’m fast and I have great hands," he said recently. "I can really catch."

Kevin Durant, when told about Butler’s comments, had one thing to say. "He’s an idiot. Jimmy’s an idiot." He paused, looked around. "Where is Jimmy?"

After forcing Butler to come over to him, Durant proceeded to calmly explain why he thinks he’s an idiot.

"I wouldn’t pick you on my fantasy team if you were in the league right now."

"You wouldn’t put me on your fantasy team?!"

"Hell no."

Looooolz. This is pure gold and also a good behind-the-scenes look at the loose, awesome chemistry that Team USA developed in Rio.

Check out the whole clip here (via BallUpNBA and DurantLegion):

So, so good.

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