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WOOOO! It’s happening! It’s actually happening! ( December)

I’ll never forget my first Golden State of Mind (GSoM) night because it is pretty much the beginning of my relationship with this community. It was opening night in 2007, and I was just some guy who loved the Warriors. I lurked on this blog and saw something where you could get discounted tickets, a free shirt. Maybe there was a raffle or something? It was awesome!! So many pumped up fellow fans, there was something special in the air that night. None of us really cared that we lost. I walked out of Oracle that night with cheeks sore from laughing so much, a hoarse voice, and the beginnings of a serious GSoM addiction.

And then, a couple of years later we all got the opportunity for a little post game event. A free throw contest!

I air balled it.

Like, not even close. Way short and off to one side.

My buddy snickered behind me.

Well, that was a long time ago and it’s time to make some new memories before the Warriors leave Oracle for the grandiose shores of San Francisco.

We are still finalizing the details on this year’s event (apparently the Warriors got some new big name player so are a bit more restrictive about what they’ll be able to accommodate), but this is for sure happening!!

Also, now that the Warriors are so painfully popular, these will likely be face value tickets, in the upper deck. In the past I think we got a little tiny price break (like five or ten bucks) but if it helps, the team you are spending your hard earned money on is almost certainly going to make the playoffs this year, unlike that first year I went.

More details will follow, but here’s what we have for now — please do whatever you can to save the date.

When: Friday, December 30, 2016. Against Bogut, Barnes and the Mavs.

Where: Oracle, of course!!

What: Group tickets for all of us to come out and cheer for our favorite team together. Comes with an included shirt and a post-game event. You can also ask Nate Parham about the time he almost won the free throw contest.

Who: All are welcome. Tickets are limited (about 2/3rds of what we were allotted last year) so be ready. Get your squad ready because our section is going to be LOUD.

How: We will post another highlighted article here in a few weeks or so with ordering details. The Warriors will set us up with a dedicated link that you will click through to order.

Remember that if you just get a ticket to this game through another means, you are probably not going to be able to get a shirt, sit with the GSoM crowd, or do the post game event.

Last year was epic and this year should be even better!

We will be back with additional updates.

Your job is to start dropping hints like Steph Curry drops dimes about what you want for Christmas.

Approximately 8 years from my first event like this, our team is now the very upper echelon of the NBA - the hottest team with the hottest new free agent.

And I’m going to make my damn free throw if I get the chance!!!!

(I hope)

And finally, speaking of hottest stuff: Tony’s shirts are fantastic. Honestly do this for the shirt alone if you are on the fence!

Snoop loves GSoM night, fo shizzle

Feel free to share your GSoM night stories below if you have them!

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