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JJ Redick on the Warriors adding Kevin Durant: "I didn't give two shits that he went to Golden State"

JJ Redick was blunt about his thoughts about Kevin Durant going to the Warriors during his appearance on Any Given Wednesday.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

A number of current and former NBA players have had something to say about the Golden State Warriors signing Kevin Durant.

Jason Terry seems to believe they shouldn't be considered a super team yet. Charles Barkley, who once demanded trade from the Philadelphia 76ers to pursue a better situation, said Durant is cheating his way to a title.

Tim Duncan retired.

But every now and then, someone offers the type of response one might expect from a highly paid competitor.

During last night's episode of Any Given Wednesday, Bill Simmons asked L.A. Clippers sharp shooter JJ Redick about whether Durant joining the Warriors and he offered a simple response.

"I didn't give two shits that he went to Golden State," Redick said matter-of-factly. "Most NBA players would say, 'Bring it on. Let's go play 'em.' "

Well, OK then.

Redick went on to respond to Klay Thompson's recent comments about how they'll share the ball, noting that they've avoided the ego problems that other teams face thus far. He started to comment on Draymond Green, but that discussion quickly pivoted to a discussion about Green's recent Snapchat scandal so we'll be left to wonder what Redick's full thoughts are on that.

Redick also discussed his consideration for Team USA, the conversation he had with Coach K, and what his (pregnant) wife's response would've been to going to the 2016 Olympics.

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