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Warriors News: Stephen Curry still the NBA’s best point guard, Kevon Looney expected to be ready for training camp

A compilation of this week’s popular news related to the Golden State Warriors.

Welcome to the very first weekly links article of the 2016 season!

Like many of you, the most popular feature of mine at GSoM was IQofaWarrior’s Warriors “Game Links.” For the uninitiated, this was a repository of direct links after each game that included box scores, interviews, reaction articles, etc. These were provided with short previews and updated as news emerged.

I’m not nearly as diligent as our old friend, IQ, but what I lack in dedication, I make up for with my resolve. With this in mind, I’ll be taking the lead on gathering as many of the most interesting Warrior-related news and game results that the internet has to offer and post them weekly on the front page.

These links will also be pulled from the FanShot section, as well as smaller bits of news I find that don’t merit more detailed coverage by any of the mods here.

Since this is the offseason, there are no game links, but once available, these will be organized on a per game basis. For everything else, it will look like this (broken down by category):

Game results

-No games last week.

Box Scores - n/a

Game flow - n/a


  • Bleacher Report is ranking every player in the NBA. One guess who came in at No. 1 for point guards? Also, here’s the seed page if you care to look at the rest so far. They apparently consider Klay Thompson a wing rather than a guard, which not only makes him ineligible for the list, but it irritates Missing Barry to no end, what with these archaic positional labels and such balderdash!

  • Kevon Looney has now had both hips operated on, but should be ready for basketball once training camp opens in a few weeks (h/t to CurryUpOffense for the FanShot!)

  • Steve Kerr says he’s not going to run the Small Ball Death Squad (SBDS) lineup any more than in the past (“maybe fifteen minutes per game”), even though Kevin Durant is an obvious and massive upgrade. I’m not sure the “Strength in Numbers” tagline will be used again despite Kerr stating he wants to limit minutes for the SBDS. Side note: do we need a new moniker for SBDS?

Bon mots

  • James Michael McAdoo was in Richmond, California, the other day, working to help with voter registration. I know the NBA mandates a certain amount of community service, but it’s pretty cool to see McAdoo talk about his first time voting (in the South) and why this is important to him.

  • Tom Izzo recently said that Draymond Green that with fame, Green will need to “walk a different line.” Green, for his part, loves the hell out of Izzo. I’d very much like to see them star in a buddy sitcom once their respective careers are over.

  • Connor Letourneau is cranking out some brief previews for Warriors players at you can read the ones for Steph, KD, and Ian Clark, no indication yet if JaVale McGee will be previewed.

Featured GSoM content

  • Another one from BorninDaEB: Warriors’ assistant coach Ron Adams speaks on Durant, the roster and player durability.

That’s about it for this week!

Going forward, at the end of each of these articles, I’ll highlight current music or pop culture that has my attention. This has nothing to do with the Warriors, but will help alleviate the tediousness of this weekly task for me. And also, you can never have too much music in your life, right?!

This week, I’m going to feature the band Walk Off The Earth, with this cover song featuring some brilliant harmonies. Bonus track: These jerks made another cover that I love but caused me some heartache when my (much younger and cooler) coworker told me who did the original…but damn it, I still like it anyways! Feel free to judge me.

Okay folks, if you’re still with me, I just want to encourage you to leave feedback in the comments. Too much? Not enough?

And no, the season CANNOT start soon enough!

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