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GSoM Night: Tickets available now!

Get your tickets to this exclusive fan event before they are gone!

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Our annual Golden State of Mind (GSoM) Night will take place at Oracle Arena on Friday December 30, 2016.

GSoM Night tickets are available exclusively at the following web address:

(Note, because it’s a ticketmaster link, you’ll need to paste this into your browser)

Use promo code: GSOMNight

So, send some text messages! Gather your peoples!

But above all, don’t hesitate. There are only around 200 of these tickets available, so even if you don’t sit next to your friends, you can make new ones at the game!!

Remember: The days of getting in on this deal for twenty bucks are over. Tickets are now around $150, but they come with a unique shirt and a post-game event.

Unique shirt: It’s a tony.psd design. Your ticket will print with an embedded voucher. Once in the game, show your ticket at a special table inside Oracle to redeem your shirt.

Post-game free-throw contest: After the game, line up at a designated location (which will be announced later). A Warriors team representative will escort GSoM Night fans downstairs and onto the court.

The way it has worked in the past is that you’ll get one attempt. If you make your first shot, then you are immediately given another chance. Make that one and you advance to the next round (this first go through eliminates a large portion of us). After that, it’s just one at a time. Make your shot and you advance.

Be advised that this can take a while. Not only should you plan your ride accordingly, but please be aware and courteous to our hosts. The security will push you out the door as soon as you’re out of the contest. Fair warning.

Accommodations: For any out-of-towners looking to attend GSoM Night, check out my hotel recommendations:

Budget hotels/walking distance to Oracle:

Be advised that both of these are in a legitimately dodgy area. You are advised to use a taxi or ride service, or walk with a buddy or two.

Better than budget/close to or on the water:

Baller budget:

Now that you have the details, get those tickets! They won’t be around for long!

(In my next GSoM Night post, I’ll cover food and pregame drink options.)

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