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Warriors links: Preseason 2016

Warriors basketball is back! Here’s a quick look around.

Golden State Warriors Media Day Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Game results

No games last week.

Box scores - n/a

Game flow - n/a

Well, we made it! The off-season is officially over! The Golden State Warriors got back into action with Media Day and some open practice. This is the last links article without game stats, since the Warriors start playing on Saturday!!

So, here’s your weekly link breakdown. Although these generally are not in any particular order, let’s lead off with the most important one, shall we?

Rest easy, Stephen Curry is here to stay

Warriors week at the Ringer

The Ringer is quickly becoming one of my favorite reads and they really got my attention when they used some sketchy quasi-science to prove that Kevin Durant is a villain, then there’s this excellent Draymond Green profile by Jonathan Tjarks and, finally, don’t miss their recipe for how to beat the Warriors.

Mandatory ESS

Media Day is exciting for many different reasons, one of which is that some of the best writers are finally turning their attention back to the Warriors. Here’s Ethan Sherwood-Strauss with a well-tailored piece about the Warriors trying to set expectations for the season. It should come as no surprise to anyone following the team that no one is looking to beat their regular-season wins record, as explained by Draymond Green:

“To be quite frank with you, I don't want to win 74 games or 75 games. It's brutal.”

Equally mandatory MT3

Another can’t-miss prospectus on the season is Marcus Thompson’s take on how Steph Curry is preparing himself to chase redemption this season.

Amazing profile on Ros Gold-Onwude

Ros Gold-Onwude was a revelation when she took over as the sideline reporter for the Golden State Warriors after starring at Stanford as their starting point guard. She was selected as part of NBC’s feature of notable black entrepreneurs, policymakers, athletes, entertainers, activists, and artists. I don’t know how long we will be lucky enough to have her covering the Warriors, so soak it up while you can.

Zaza Pachulia comes to Warriors with water glasses analogy

Zaza Pachulia sat down with Anthony Slater to discuss his first day at his new job. On the one hand, it’s easy for us average folk to understand why someone would take a job they prefer, even though it is not the highest paying option. On the other hand, when we are talking about an NBA player, it could be a discrepancy of several million dollars. Pachulia used a rough-handed analogy to explain:

The favored glass has four All-Stars. Two sure-fire Hall of Famers. A roster loaded with talent. And, hey, also a massive hole at center, the spot you just happen to play. It’s desperate for you. But it can only pay $2.9 million for one year of service.

The other glass will more than double the money and triple those years. And guess what, it’s a drinker’s market! On the other table, two more glasses are upping the ante. You may not like what’s in them, but you like what they’re offering.

Hey, did you know that Pachulia and Steve Kerr go to the same yoga studio?

No? Well, guess what their favorite yoga pose is?

It’s the Virabhadrasana!

(Sorry, dad jokes are in my blood now...)

Rare piece on Mike Brown

I trust Steve Kerr and his staff completely. That said, I don’t think I was the only one shocked to hear that Mike Brown was going to replace Luke Walton on the Warriors’ bench. Connor Letourneau of SFGate sat down with Mr. Brown to talk about his new beginning.

There’s something here I don’t quite know how to articulate. I was not a big fan of Brown’s coaching in his previous endeavors, but for some odd reason, after reading Letourneau’s piece, I’m getting a little excited to have his mind on the staff. Kerr promoted a lot from within, but the inclusion of Brown may be the most surprising move of the off-season.

Also, I found this podcast (he loves motorcycles??). But the sound isn’t working for me. Please give it a try and let me know what he rides. He seems so unimaginative that I’m guessing Harley.

Andre Iguodala throws not-so-subtle shade at Barnes

Like smoke from a fire, you can be sure that past and present Warriors are going to drop some interesting tidbits about last season. Here’s Andre Iguodala possibly casting some shade at our starting SF from last year:

“There were some holes and some weaknesses that we had ... We got a monster that filled them all.”

Peter Guber co-purchases e-sports team

I am not sure what to think of this. But it is certainly in keeping with being light years ahead of the competition! I just hope Klay Thompson gets to play as a special guest.

Kevin Durant’s new beginnings

Anthony Slater talks to Kevin Durant, who was full of thoughtful statements like: “My life will change just because I’m in a different city,” Durant said. “I think that’s probably the only thing. My game? We’ll see.”

Anderson Varejao may not want Cavs ring

It’s not yet clear exactly where he is on the depth chart, but Anderson Varejao is in an unusual position. You see, he spent the majority of his career (and part of last season) with the Cavs, before coming to the Warriors on the waiver wires. Now that his old team beat his new team, he has to decide if he wants to get the accolade that he somehow earned while being on the losing end of the championship. Personally, I’d take it. Donate it if you don’t want it!

Draymond Green among Warriors supporting Kaepernick and broader message

As the final push towards the presidential election begins, we are going to see a lot of political coverage and issues sneaking their way into our normal Warriors’ lore. It should come as no surprise to anyone that Draymond Green has an opinion on this:

“It’s crazy people aren’t penalized for their actions. I’ve been penalized for my actions, and I’m OK with that.”

The Warriors are holding internal team discussions about how to address this once the season begins.

Andrew Bogut would’ve preferred buyout to Rockets trade

Andrew Bogut is that a-hole friend that we all know and love. He is as powerfully vociferous in his support as he is in his hatred. You have to read between the lines a little bit here, but it sounds like he would have preferred to roll the dice on free agency rather than get shipped to Houston.

Featured GSoM content

GSoM Night

In case you missed it, tickets are now available and selling fast. This really is a great chance to bond with the GSoM community while taking in a game. Hurry up and order! Be sure to read my preseason game #1 preview for a special announcement of an added bonus for those who order early!

So many fun FanShots!

CurryUpOffense provided this handy list of Warriors-centric podcasts. Plenty of good options in there. As the season begins to ramp up, we will try to keep you posted on any particularly germane discussions. But clearly there is going to be a lot more Warriors’ content than we are used to!

Co-FanShot MVP, BornInDaEB, found this highlight video of some of Curry’s best moves. Delicious.

The regular season is the preseason now? I almost linked this one directly, but since he is so quick on the trigger, a major hat tip to CurryUpOffense on finding this gem from legendary Bay Area reporter (and GSoM alum) Adam Lauridsen.

Scipiotheyounger provided this amazingly detailed FanPost showing us exactly how much easier it is to make a shot off of an assist (spoiler alert: it’s a lot).

Ok, that’s it for now. As always, please keep those links coming!

And, remember: nobody has it all together, but together, we have it all!


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