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Draymond Green is no different than any other Serena Williams fan

Serena Williams’ loss to a tenth-seeded player at the U.S. Open is a reminder for Draymond Green of the agony of defeat.

Draymond Green (home jersey)

June gloom is a thing in L.A.

Without fail, 300-plus days of sunshine are interrupted by gray-clouded dreariness… and, sometimes, even rain!

But June gloom is a thing in basketball, too… for whichever team comes up short in the NBA Finals. In 2016, the gloom team is the Golden State Warriors. But the addition of Kevin Durant to the roster must be a ray of light through the clouds.

Players have three very long months to think about their missteps and misfortunes. For the Warriors, it could be the injuries to Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut, fatigue from a 73-win season, or the inability to pull down rebounds against Tristan Thompson.

For months, players drown their sorrows in vacations and the pastimes they missed out on during the season. For Draymond Green, the summer has been eventful, complete with a bar-room brawl, a lewd photo gone viral, a gold medal for Team USA Men’s Basketball at the 2016 Olympics (and, let’s be honest—probably some adult fun in Rio too), and cheering for Serena Williams at the U.S. Open.

Shocking tennis fans worldwide, Serena Williams dared to show her humanity by losing to a tenth-seeded player, just weeks after failing to make it to the gold-medal round at the Rio Olympics. The 34-year-old Williams, born in Saginaw, Michigan and raised in Compton, California, has 22 Grand Slam victories to her credit and six previous U.S. Open titles. She is, arguably, the G.O.A.T. in women’s tennis. So, yes, it is disappointing for fans when we don’t get to see her in the championship game.

And Draymond Green is no different than any other Serena Williams fan. He told TMZ, “I’m mad Serena lost.” But, digging beneath the evocative TMZ headline, we see that Green isn’t exactly mad mad. He is just a tad frustrated that Williams didn’t live up to the “Saginaw Pride”… just as he and the Warriors didn’t live up to it during the NBA Finals in June either.

When pushed for further comment, Green bristled at the TMZ guy’s comments about Williams seeming tired. In reply, Draymond Green, through a sly, this-dude-is-whack grin, said: “Ain’t your day every day… Can’t win ‘em all.”

Don’t be ridiculous, in other words. Athletes get tired and suffer injuries. It’s a thing that happens in sports, and appears to be the case in Williams’ loss.

But was Green talking about Serena Williams’ loss or the Warriors’?

Presumably, he was talking about both, and #1-ranked Williams going down to a 10th-seeded player was just a reminder of the agony of defeat for Draymond Green. Surely, June is still a fresh wound.

With Serena Williams out, Green said he will not watch the rest of the U.S. Open, stating glumly: “Now, I don’t have nothin’ to watch.”

So, there go his weekend plans…

And Draymond Green now must find some other way to pass the time this weekend… and next week… and the week after that… in the slow countdown to training camp.

(S/O BornInDaEB for posting this as a FanShot first)

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