Lowell Cohn: Warriors assistant coach Ron Adams on Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and durability


Adams: We have a fantasy-league team. That’s how many stars we have. But fans and the press should ignore that. This is a new team, a different team. The press may be hard on us if we lose some games early. It may take time for the players to adjust, and people should understand that. Building a team takes time. Treat our season with a long-range perspective. That’s how I look at it. We want to be healthy and in a great position when it comes playoff time. ____________________________________________________________________________ Cohn: You guys were up 3-1 on Cleveland in the finals and you lost. It was hard. Will the effect of that linger? Adams: I hope the effect of that will linger. We thought we were the best team and we did not complete our mission. We feel that’s going to be good motivation for this team, a team that last season, at times, things came too easy for. I expect a highly motivated team to try to prove we can do it once again. So, you bet I hope the effect lingers.