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Kerr compares Draymond to Dennis Rodman; Draymond is pleased

Now that you bring it up...

Dennis Rodman #91...

After last night’s victory against the Pistons, Coach Kerr was asked if there was any NBA player who reminded him of Warriors’ star forward/center/guard/swiss army knife Draymond Green. His answer might surprise you.

“He’s got a little Dennis Rodman in him. Not as crazy as Dennis. He’s a great rebounder and he’s got a good feel, Dennis always had a great feel for the game. That was an underrated aspect of his game. He wasn’t nearly as crazy as he made himself out to be. The competitive desire is very similar. What made Dennis who he was, was his competitiveness. He just got after it. He wanted to get under people’s skin. Draymond’s got some of that in him. He wants to dominate the game emotionally. It’s a great trait to have. You have to have guys like that. Just competitive freaks. Guys that want to win desperately and that’s Draymond.”

Green addressed the comparison as well after the game, and was obviously pleased to be compared to such a unique player.

“It’s an honor to be compared to someone like Dennis Rodman. He’s a Hall of Famer, his jersey is retired in Detroit and if I’m not mistaken it’s retired in Chicago. I can only hope those things happen in my career. Obviously continue to work and try to reach some of those things. The championships he’s won, those are things you want to do so to be compared to a guy like that, it’s an honor because neither one of us were outstanding scorers, it’s all about our will and determination and never say die attitude. I’m honored to be compared to someone like that.”

It’s definitely an interesting comparison, and who better to make it than former Bulls’ hero Steve Kerr, who played alongside Rodman in Chicago.

[h/t @LetsGoWarriors for filming the postgame conference]

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