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Kiki Vandeweghe will review the Zaza/Westbrook incident

Will we see any sort of discipline handed down to either player from the NBA?

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There were so many wonderful subplots floating around last night. Stephen Curry vs. Russell Westbrook. Westbrook vs. Kevin Durant. Durant vs. his former team.

Little did we know Zaza Pachulia would insert himself with mucho gusto into the middle of the rivalry.

OOOOOOOUCH that’s gotta hurt. Zaza is a big dude.

After the game, Russ said some things that ... yeah .. probably should not have been said. You know, if he was worried about a fine, or a suspension.

Now, via ESPN, it seems the league will take a good, long, hard look at the entirety of that play.

Per Marc Stein:

The NBA plans to review Wednesday night's ‎hard foul by Golden State's Zaza Pachulia on Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook as well as Westbrook's postgame comments, according to league sources.

No discipline is expected for either player, but sources told ESPN that the NBA, which reviews all flagrant fouls, ‎is expected look into the "totality" of the incident. Pachulia knocked Westbrook down in the second quarter of the Warriors' eventual 121-100 victory, which prompted Westbrook to say afterward of Pachulia that he's going to "get his ass back."

Pachulia may have had the quote of the night when asked about the skirmish:

"I thought it was a good steal, honestly, because I had the ball in my hands," Pachulia told reporters afterward. "Officials called a foul; there's nothing you can do. A foul is a foul. If it was a hard foul, it was a hard foul. There is nothing you can do. So you just move on. If he got hurt, that's fine, too. It's part of the game."

Though — as Stein reported — no discipline is expected, you never know. I mean, heck, his majesty himself Kiki Vandeweghe will oversee the review, so literally anything is on the table, as per recent Dubs’ history.

[h/t ESPN]

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