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Quick Recap: Curry leads Warriors to a 144-98 thrashing of the Clippers

Stephen Curry had the hot hand as he reminded everyone exactly why he’s the reigning, unanimous, MVP.

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There are some days where things are happening in our lives where basketball just feels kind of frivolous. But this is the type of game that reminds you that we all need frivolous joy to keep us balanced sometimes. We need to take a short break from reality and watch some basketballs get launched into a hoop by ridiculously talented NBA players. On days like today, I wish everyone’s team had a Stephen Curry so they could experience what we got to experience tonight. Thankfully for the Warriors, though, they do not.

The Warriors put on a master class in offense against the Clippers tonight, winning 144-98, but Stephen Curry was the one doing the teaching. Let’s look at the numbers: 43 points, nine rebounds, six assists, 9-of-15 on three-point attempts, all in just under 29 minutes.

Sometimes, it seems like we might become jaded - having watched how good this team is on a regular basis, and all of the amazing things we’ve seen over the last few years. Then Stephen Curry comes out, reigning magnificent threes, and reminds us that we are the luckiest fans in the NBA right now. We are witnessing basketball art.

The Warriors built a solid lead early, and the Clippers were never really able to catch up. The second quarter was a team-wide display in pace of play and making the most of offensive opportunities but Curry put his signature stank on it with a throwback half-court buzzer beater to end the half, which we haven’t seen yet this season. Some MVP-caliber celebrating as well.

Which prompted him to try it again from about 55 feet to end the third quarter. He didn’t quite make that one but the crowd sure thought he would because it seemed he just couldn’t miss at that point. The third quarter was all Curry magnificence. He had five of his nine threes in this quarter in addition to two 3-point plays. He single-handedly went on a 7-2 run to close the quarter and sat for the fourth.

As blowouts go, this was a pretty fun one and we all need more fun in our lives these days. Thanks, Steph!

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