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Steve Kerr wants to feel “whatever the hell” Curry was feeling last night

Steve Kerr, who knows a thing or two about transcendent moments, is in awe of Stephen Curry

Detroit Pistons v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Steve Kerr, who hit a Finals-winning shot and has been a part of the two best teams in regular season NBA history, is still in awe of Stephen Curry. Last night, as the Warriors absolutely THRASHED their supposed-rivals, TV cameras caught Kerr saying something very sweet and very revealing to Curry.

“I would love to feel whatever the hell you’re feeling right now, just once in my life. For me, if I went 5-6 and made four threes, that was about the best I ever did.”

What a boss.

And, yes. Curry was un-frickin-believable last night. Holy moly.

I think we’d all like to feel whatever the hell Curry was feeling last night, just once in our lives.


Yup. Pure, unconditionally transcendent stuff right there.

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