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Cavs draw first blood: The season of NBA trades is upon us

Golden State of Mindcast is back and better than ever as Nate, Ivan, and Bram break down the Kyle Korver news, Paul Millsap’s future, and more.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Atlanta Hawks Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Right before we started recording this podcast, news broke about the Hawks trading Kyle Korver to the Cavaliers. We’d planned on discussing other things, but ended up diving into this sudden season of NBA trades.

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[Annotated list of stuff we discussed, add 30 seconds or a minute if blogtalk inserts an advertisement]

1:30 - Atlanta Hawks sending Kyle Korver for Mo Williams, a protected first rounder, and Mike Dunleavy Jr. Also, Korver looks like Ashton Kutcher, but Kevin Durant looks better on the basketball court.

7:15 - Looking forward to Cavs vs. Warriors, as well as how the Cavs integrate Korver into their offense.

10:30 - Are Curry’s struggles due to the Warriors’ “system?” Or is he just biding his time until the Warriors figure out all the new ways in which they can dominate with the addition of Kevin Durant?

13:30 - Finding ways to nitpick Curry’s game as a way to forget everything else that’s happening in the world. Also, finding myself missing the Warriors’ teams of old when nobody knew who the hell they were. Basically I rant for awhile here and somehow end up talking about the 49ers for awhile and how Jed York is a steaming pile of dog [redacted for the children’s sake].

19:00 - Is there any way the Warriors make a trade? Aka, can they dump Varejao and McAdoo for Paul Millsap?

20:00 - Shaun Livingston’s play this year, plus the rise of Ian Clark.

21:25 - Nate is going to be the next Governor of California? Livingston/Parham 2024.

25:30 - Anybody who is badmouthing the NBA right now is just full of anger and vitriol. The league is in a very healthy, exciting, and exploratory phase of its existence.

27:45 - Millsap on the trading block? is the NBA about to go crazy with a million trades?

35:00 - Obligatory Harrison Barnes shade from Nate. Wow. “It just came right in the flow.”

44:20 - Terrence Ross and Patrick Paterson from TOR to ATL for Paul Millsap?

46:00 - No matter how much we examine the status of the NBA, and watch how teams fall together as the season progresses, it seems like we are still just writing in Cavs vs. Dubs in the Finals, right? Also, what about the Spurs?

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