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Stephen Curry would take his Golden State teammates in the All-Star draft

Under the new All-Star rules, Curry would build a Warriors-heavy team if given the chance

NBA All-Star Game 2017 Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The NBA is trying something new this year with the All-Star game. Instead of having the Eastern Conference play the Western Conference, the player from each conference with the most fan votes will act as captain, and teams will be chosen that way.

There will still be 12 players from each conference, selected in the same method as before. They just won’t play each other as separate conferences.

This has naturally brought up the question of who players will select. Will the captains show love for their teammates, or spice things up with their rivals?

Stephen Curry, who received the most votes of any player in the West last year, knows what he’d do, as reported by ESPN. Asked who he would pick first, the Warriors’ point guard said, “Probably one of my teammates. Until you run out of those options, then you gotta figure it out.”

While Steph didn’t have any answers as to who his first non-Warriors selection would be, he said that picking players wouldn’t be awkward. The two-time MVP is confident that no feelings will be hurt by players that weren’t picked:

If I'm the one picking, no. It's fun. It's a different type of setup and a different look, especially on the court. And you mix up the conferences and the different lineups you can get out there. There's been All-Stars for years, and the past six years probably certain lineups and notable guys that have been playing together in the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference, and now you can switch it up a little bit.

Given the players likely to be voted as captains - LeBron James in the East, and Curry, Kevin Durant, or Russell Westbrook in the West - storylines abound. It’s going to be a lot of fun to see what happens.

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