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Steve Kerr calls Steph Curry the most impactful offensive player “maybe ever”

There was no forgetting Curry this time, as the Warriors’ coach heaped praise on the two-time MVP

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Detroit Pistons v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Steve Kerr has had a somewhat funny past with Stephen Curry. While the Warriors’ head coach and star point guard have a terrific relationship, there was the awkward time when Kerr forgot to mention Curry during the 2017 championship parade.

And, of course, there was the time Kerr suggested that Kevin Durant was the Warriors’ best player.

Despite all of that, there can be no denying that Kerr understands Curry’s immense value. And in case that wasn’t clear, he made some pretty strong statements after Thursday’s practice, as transcribed by Anthony Slater of The Athletic.

He is the most impactful offensive player, in terms of what he does to the defense, maybe ever. There's guys, obviously Michael Jordan impacted things, but the way Steph plays puts the fear of God into defenses like no one I've ever seen . . . Everything we do revolves around Steph . . .

And what's amazing about Steph, what continues to add to all that is his personal character, his unselfishness, the way he approaches the game. His usage rate is maybe 30th in the league. He could easily be like, ‘Hey, why don't I have the ball? I'm the best offensive player in the history of the game?'

Kerr was diplomatic about who the best player in the league is, pointing out that Curry is number one if judging offensive impact, but Durant, LeBron James, and Kawhi Leonard have cases as the league’s best two-way players.

Hat tip to jswanljung for posting the video in a fanshot:

While I would agree that Curry is the best offensive player ever, it’s still a bold statement from Kerr, who played alongside Jordan.

Kerr also made a fascinating comment about Curry, saying he’s “at his absolute peak right now, physically and emotionally”. He went on to suggest that Curry is better now than he was during his MVP stretch which is really saying something.

It’s become clear that Curry - whom Kerr compared to former teammate and the greatest power forward in NBA history, Tim Duncan - is remarkably selfless and confident. He doesn’t need praise, or care about potential slights.

Still, it’s nice to see Kerr shower Curry with the compliments that the superstar so rightfully deserves.

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