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Relive the Warriors’ magical ring ceremony

Golden State may have lost the season opener, but the night was still amazing

Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Opening night may have ended in disappointment for the Golden State Warriors, but it was still a spectacular evening. As is customary, the defending champs opened the season with a ring ceremony, and the unveiling of the 2017 NBA Champions banner.

If you missed it last night, or want to cure the hangover from the first loss of the season, or simply want to be giddy for 13 minutes, we’ve got the video for you.

If you’re wondering about those amazing looking rings, well yes: they are as gaudy and spectacular as they appear.

The rings this year have more diamonds than any championship ring in major American sports history, but it’s all about the details. From a pave stone for every win (regular season and postseason), to a blue sapphire for every home win, to a white trapezoid diamond for every road win, these rings are wildly customized for this team.

The Warriors also made a video on the design and creation of the rings, which is really cool:

It was a memorable night for all, regardless of the outcome of the game. Hopefully we can do it all again this time next year.

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