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Here comes The Fantastic Dubs!

An artistic rendition of the Warriors as the Fantastic Four

4 times the fantastic!
Artwork by Tony.psd

Inspiration: I've wanted to do this concept for a while now. Ever since Kevin Durant signed with the Warriors, this idea immediately popped in my head and I finally had the time to make it happen. It also gave me the opportunity to finally draw Stephen Curry as the Human Torch which looks lit! (no pun intended, lol) Draymond Green is definitely our “Thing!” Durant was meant to be Mr. Fantastic with his elastic super strength. When I drew Klay Thompson with Sue Richards invisibility strength, it actually turned out pretty cool!

Prepare for the fantastic!

The majority of the illustration was done on Adobe Draw (tablet app) using my iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil. It was later layed out on Adobe illustrator and InDesign (desktop app). Enjoy!

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