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Fake Klay documents his hilarious opening night escapades

The All-Star imposter may have been clearly fake to those watching on TV, but not so much to fans in the Bay Area

Instagram @bigdawstv

If you watched Tuesday’s season opener, you surely saw the viral sensation known as “Fake Klay”. The Klay Thompson lookalike sat directly behind the Golden State bench, dressed exactly like the Warriors’ All-Star.

If you’re wondering what his backstory is, the imposter is a YouTube personality called Big Daws. He did the Klay shtick in an attempt to make a hilarious video, and that is exactly what happened.

The funniest part of the video is the large number of people who really believe that he is Klay. Apparently there are a decent number of fans who not only don’t know the difference between Klay and his doppelgänger, but think that NBA players commute to games in their jerseys, and hang out in the parking lot during warmups.

Either way, the video is absolutely hilarious. Just about as hilarious as Steve Kerr’s comments the next day:

As for the players, a few of them mentioned Fake Klay afterwards, but Big Daws said that Kevin Durant was the only player to acknowledge him during the game.

The Dubs may be sitting at 0-1, but what an entertaining start to the season it has been.

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