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Klay Thompson may take a discount to keep the band together

The splash brother appears willing to leave some money on the table if it keeps Golden State’s core together

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Golden State Warriors Media Day Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It’s no surprise that it’s going to cost the Golden State Warriors a ton of money to keep their foundation together. If you’re not sure just how much it will cost, check out Patrick’s piece on the Warriors’ salary situation moving forward. It’s a little terrifying.

In recent years, however, players have started taking discounts to help their teams stay together. Just this summer, Kevin Durant left some money on the table so that Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston could be re-signed.

Klay Thompson has two years left on his relatively small contract, after which teams will likely be lining up to offer him maximum contracts. And, on a terrific Warriors Plus/Minus Podcast with Marcus Thompson II and Tim Kawakami of The Athletic, Klay suggested that he may be willing to cash a smaller check.

As transcribed by Chris Barnewell of CBS Sports, Thompson said on the podcast that he was receptive to taking a discount:

I probably could, yeah . . . If it’s a few million . . . It’s a blessing whatever contract I sign. I would definitely consider it ‘cause I don’t want to lose anybody.

Despite this, Klay made it clear that he won’t leave as much on the table as Durant did. His reason made a lot of sense: “I don’t make as much as Kevin off the court.”

Even if Thompson takes a discount, the Warriors will get taxed up one side and down the other if they keep him, Durant, Stephen Curry, and Draymond Green around. As of now, Joe Lacob and the ownership group have proven willing to make fiscal sacrifices to keep the team winning.

Hopefully that will continue when Klay’s contract is up, and they can reach a compromise to keep the team together.

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