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Warriors at Pelicans roster news: Draymond Green playing, Omri Casspi out

The Warriors will face the Pelicans tonight at 6:30 p.m. with their starting lineup intact.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

GSoM's Greg Thomas wrote in a piece published earlier today that the Golden State Warriors should sit Draymond Green during tonight's game against the New Orleans Pelicans, especially since it's the first of a road back-to-back.

Personally, I agree -- it's hard to make a case that this game is vital enough to worry about whether Green plays, even if there's a risk of falling to 0-2 for the season. Nevertheless, it's comforting that he's doing well enough to play and will be available in tonight's game in New Orleans.

Unfortunately, the Warriors are not free of the injury bug as Omri Casspi is still nursing an ankle injury suffered during the preseason.

In more pleasant news, it'll be nice to get an early look at former Warrior and NBA champion Ian Clark. Clark spoke to media about his relationship to the team and when he'll get his ring (spoiler: he just found out today that he'll get the ring when the Pelicans visit the Warriors for the first time).

Anyway, it would be even more pleasant to see a clearer picture of what the rotations will look like moving forward and, hopefully, a better performance from some of our young guys. And a win? I'm not so worried about those yet. I'm sure they''ll come.

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