GSW’s Problem Isn’t GSW's Shooting. It’s the Other Guy’s. A Too Early Look.

Viewed per 100 possessions (NBA tracking), GSW is 18th in shots taken (FGA) at 75.7in 2017-18. Last season, it was 77.9, 17th. GSW opponents are averaging 88.0 shots per 100poss (25th). Last season it was 87.1 (23rd). So, a lopsided margin in FGA existed last season as well, and most teams would lose with this large a difference. However, in 2016-17 GSW did not, and not much difference exists between seasons. In addition, 2017-18 GSW shooting percentage numbers remain high – a FG% of 48.2% and a 3P% of 42.6%.

So, from a shooting viewpoint, how did GSW win in 2016-17 and are struggling in first three games of 2017-18? In 2016-17, GSW opponents had low shooting percentages. GSW held opponents to an average FG% of 43.5% (1st) and 3P% of 32.4% (1st) in 2016-17. So far (3 games) in 2017-18, GSW opponents have an average FG% of 47.1 (placing GSW 25th) and a 3P% of 39.4 (22nd).

Thus, while blame for GSW has been placed by many on high turnovers reducing FGA for GSW as well as fouling. GSW shooting related number are not much different from last season. The difference lies, so far, in opponents shooting better, substantially better.

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