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E1P: Why Stephen Curry Turned Pure Evil

Explosive video exposé of the uncalled fouls and frustrations that transformed Stephen Curry into a being of pure evil in the Warriors-Grizzlies game on Oct 21, 2017

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Memphis Grizzlies
Light side? Dark side? Eh, flip a coin
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

How could Stephen Curry, a family man, presidential golfing buddy, and general nice guy, have transformed himself into such a being of Pure Evil?

No, he didn’t beat a spouse, lie, or drive drunk, but I assure you this was EVIL. No, he didn’t take illegal enhancements, nor commit any felonies, nor sponsor dog fighting, but there is more than one way to ride shotgun with Beelzebub.

As you know, Curry was ejected from the Grizzlies game for (hide the kids) throwing a mouthguard. It was The Mouthguard Thrown Around The World. Yes, a mouthguard with saliva on it, and possibly some plaque, we don’t know for sure. But if he hasn’t been keeping it clean in a league-sanctioned ultrasonic cleaner, Adam Silver may increase his fines and possible suspension.

Anyway, the dull truth is that all game the Warriors felt that the officiating was unfair. In the plays that immediately preceded the explosion of Pure Evil, they felt particularly robbed of the free throws and turnovers they needed to finish their comeback.

Here is a video analysis of all the resentments and frustrations of the last two minutes of the game.


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How evil is Steph?

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    Pure Evil
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  • 33%
    Extra Virgin Pure Evil
    (222 votes)
  • 14%
    Like a cute version of Hitler
    (98 votes)
  • 34%
    He is innocent, he was at the hair salon
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