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Steve Nash finally gets a championship ring

Steve Nash, two-time MVP and consultant for the Warriors, received his first ring from a shirtless Steve Kerr.


Steve Nash was one of the best point guards of the 2000’s. A smart ballhandler with an immaculate shooting touch, he won two MVP’s as a member of the Phoenix Suns.

After retiring a few years ago, Nash became a player development consultant for the Warriors last year, helping mostly during practice sessions. He’s worked with Stephen Curry on his shooting, and Kevin Durant on his scoring moves.

Nash wasn’t present at the ring ceremony a few weeks ago, so coach Steve Kerr decided to personally give him the championship ring himself—shirtless for some reason. Nash posted the above image with the caption, “Want to thank everyone who came out and for all the support. Go Dubs.”

Though Steve Nash and the Suns were one of the most exciting and memorable teams of the 2000’s, he the only MVP in league history to never make the Finals (Derrick Rose hasn’t yet, either).

Since he never was able to get a ring during his playing career, Nash receiving one for coaching is bittersweet. He was always a smart player, and I’m sure he could be an amazing coach in the future, like fellow sharpshooter point guard Steve Kerr.

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