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Draymond Green and Bradley Beal both ejected after Beal punches Draymond in the face

Well, this was stupid.

Washington Wizards v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The moment came quickly.

Wizards’ guard Bradley Beal — in a play a few moments before halftime — took a cheap shot and knocked Draymond Green right in the mouth. Green, who had received a technical earlier in the game, did his best not to retaliate, instead locking Beal in a man-sized bear hug as players from both teams (most notable Kelly Oubre) charged into the fray.

Here’s the video:

And a closer look where you can really see the extent of Beal’s cheap shot.

Some quick thoughts:

I know we are biased, and I know Draymond’s reputation precedes him like the shadow of a mountain preceding the sunset, but good god, he tried not to fight back. Did he really deserve an ejection?

The internet and the crowd in Oracle seemed to agree with me:

Also, it’s worth noting that Kelly Oubre Jr., as well as the players who came off the Wizards’ bench, all stayed in the game.

Fwiw, this made me laugh:

It was a surreal scene. Draymond, leaving the court, tore off his jersey and flung it into the stands. Seconds later, the half came to an end, and an obviously infuriated Warriors team followed him back into the locker room.

Will Kelly Oubre be suspended a few games?

F YOU, OUBRE. THAT’S WHAT YOU GET. (And by “get,” I mean, “looming suspension.”)

In unrelated news: Steve Kerr decided to DNP - LEARNING THE GAME Jordan Bell, which is, uh, not great right now.

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