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Watch: Steph Curry rolls into Sunday’s game in costumed style

Curry celebrates pre-Halloween but can’t scare Draymond Green.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Ah Halloween—one of my favorite holidays—is just around the corner and, like me, Stephen Curry is way too excited.

More similarities: I am just not a scary guy. Turns out, neither is Curry.

First, you do have to give him credit for rolling all the way into Oracle Arena in his costume before the Golden State Warriors’ game against the Detroit Pistons. One of the best parts of the Halloween costume is the insertion of the absurdity that it allows into our mundane world.

Steph went for the full creepy clown look, complete with an oversized tricycle.

Curry is obviously in full-on character mode during this ride—and seriously, mad props to the Warriors for putting in the spooky music!

But like I was saying before, some guys just don’t have that menacing vibe. If someone like, say, David West had done this, I think it would be a little more scary on a visceral level. With our baby-faced basketball assassin behind the mask though, it’s just sort of quirky and...dare I say, cute?

Here, Draymond Green laughs in the face of the scary clown.

Also, my daughter wants the world to know that both of these players “have last names that are things. Green is a color, and Curry is spice.”

She will be dressing up as one of the Descendants (Evie) for Halloween along with matching costumes with Mrs. Duby. Me and my son are going as ninjas (for protection, of course).

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