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NBA GM survey is released, and the Warriors dominated it

GMs across the league are in agreement: Golden State is really, really good

NBA: Stephen Curry MVP Press Conference Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most fun things that the NBA does leading up to the start of a new season is release their GM survey. The survey is exactly what it sounds like: the league polls all 30 GMs on a series of questions, and then displays the results.

GMs certainly aren’t perfect, and they’re rarely in unanimous agreement, but it’s a fun way to get a feel for how the league thinks and operates. The league just released the 2017 GM survey, and needless to say, the Golden State Warriors cleaned up.

93% of GMs predict the Dubs to repeat as champions, with the other 7% voting for the Cleveland Cavaliers. GMs are not allowed to vote for their own teams, so that 7% is Bob Myers, and one other GM. Not surprisingly, 97% of GMs (the maximum amount) had the Warriors finishing first in the Western Conference.

90% of GMs also said the Warriors were the most fun team to watch, while 76% said they had the top home court advantage. So Warriors fans did well on the survey too!

While it was the team as a whole that dominated, the players also did very well. Kevin Durant finished second in the MVP predictions, with 29% of the vote, and 5th in the category of who GMs would build a franchise around, with 11% of votes.

Stephen Curry received praise virtually everywhere, and was named the top point guard, with 62% of the votes. He also garnered 71% of the votes for best pure shooter, with Klay Thompson taking home the remaining 25% of non-Bob Myers votes. Myers, for what it’s worth, voted for Devin Booker.

Steve Kerr, despite being injured for chunks of the last two seasons, is still seen in high regard across the league. He was voted the second best coach, with 11% of the votes, and second best manager of players, with 17% of the votes. He also gained 59% of the votes for top offense.

The only blatant oddity came from GMs clearly having a difficult time defining positions. Draymond Green received just one vote for best power forward, finishing behind, among others, Durant and LeBron James.

In a league of 30 teams, the Warriors dominance across the board is stunning. Had you showed me this survey five years ago I would have told you that April Fool’s Day is half a year away.

Here’s a full list of all the votes the Dubs received:

Which team will win the 2018 NBA Finals? Warriors: 93% (1)
Which team will win the West? Warriors: 97% (1)
Who will win the MVP? Durant: 29% (2), Curry: 4% (5)
If you were starting a franchise, who would you pick? Durant: 11% (5), Curry: 4% (T-6)
Which player forces opposing coaches to make the most adjustments? Curry: 21% (2), Durant: 4% (T-6), Green: 4% (T-6)
Best point guard: Curry: 62% (1)
Best shooting guard: Thompson: 10% (2)
Best small forward: Durant: 32% (2)
Best power forward: Durant: 17% (3), Green: 4% (T-5)
Best center: Green: 4% (T-5)
Best moves this offseason: Warriors: 7% (5)
Player acquisition with the biggest impact: Durant: 4% (T-5)
Most underrated player acquisition: Omri Casspi: 4% (T-7)
Best defensive player: Green: 21% (2)
Best perimeter defender: Green: 4% (T-3)
Best interior defender: Green: 4% (T-3)
Best defensive team: Warriors: 55% (1)
Best coach: Kerr: 11% (2)
What coach is best manager/motivator? Kerr: 17% (2)
Which coach runs the best offense? Kerr: 59% (1)
Which coach has the best defensive schemes: Kerr: 7% (T-3)
Best assistant coach: Ron Adams: 21% (1), Mike Brown: 10% (T-3)
Which active player will make the best coach? Curry: 7% (T-3), David West: 4% (T-5)
Most fun to watch: Warriors: 90% (1)
Best home court advantage: Warriors: 76% (1)
Best pure shooter: Curry: 71% (1), Thompson: 25% (2)
Best at moving without the ball: Thompson: 61% (1), Curry: 7% (T-3), Green: 4% (T-5)
Best passer: Curry: 4% (T-6)
Most impactful bench player: Andre Iguodala: 41% (1)
Toughest player: Green: 14% (T-1), West: 4% (T-7)
Best leader: Curry: 14% (3), Green: 4% (T-5)
Most versatile player: Durant: 14% (T-2), Green: 7% (5)
Best basketball IQ: Curry: 11% (3)
Which player would you want taking a shot with the game on the line? Curry: 55% (1), Durant: 34% (2)

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