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We have so, so many questions about the 2017-18 NBA season

This season has the promise to be one for the ages.

Golden State Warriors Media Day Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The 2017-18 NBA season is almost upon us. The Warriors are globetrotting around the world, teams are making moves to try and catch the defending champions, JaVale McGee has a new best friend, and things are quite literally lit.

It’s the time of year when anyone, anywhere, can talk themselves into thinking that their team might have a chance. Maaaaaaybe the Milwaukee Bucks can take the next step. Maybe Giannis will play at an MVP-caliber level. Maybe Jabari Parker will finish rehab, and come out the gates blazing. Maybe Jason Kidd will become a top-five coach. Et cetera. You know the drill. You can basically talk yourself into any team given enough time (and with enough adult beverages in your belly).

Well, maybe any team other than the Knicks or Bulls.

It’s the time of year where unbridled optimism courses through the veins of the NBA community. Maybe League Pass finally won’t suck. Maybe we’ll get to see Lonzo Ball do some crazy shit. Maybe ESPN will stop filming interviews with Lonzo’s dad. Maybe Ben Simmons will stay healthy. Heck, maybe Joel Embiid will stay healthy and maybe he’ll be the MVP.


Lyft driver, while rocking Debussey, to a jogging Embiid: “YO, TRUST THE PROCESS!! I LOVE YOU!!”

Awwwwww man, I frickin love the NBA.

Will the Sixers find a way to mesh Simmons, Embiid, Dario Saric, and first overall pick Markell Fultz? Will this highly-touted rookie class live up to its hype? Will they eventually surpass the class of 2003, featuring banana boaters LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, David West, and Darko Milicic? Will basketball save us from the long cold nightmare that has become the American reality?

Anything is possible right now.

Will Manu Ginobili catch another bat out of mid-air? Will Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook continue to beef? Will Oklahoma City be more or less salty now that they’ve acquired Carmelo Anthony and Paul George? If cupcakes are so delicious — and if snowflakes are so gloriously crafted from on high — why do small-minded people continue to use those terms as vehicles of vitriol? If Carmelo falters in OKC, will the Oklahoman turn on him like they turned on Durant?

Will Blake Griffin come into his own? Will Chris Paul finally win something alongside James Harden in Houston? Will my strong dislike of his and Harden’s games overrule my love of the city of Houston? Or, can I fight back my rage in order to hope good things happen for the good people there?

Will the Warriors win another championship? Will we be talking of this era of Warriors basketball forever? Will this squad become the greatest collection of talent ever assembled? Will the world end tomorrow or whenever, but before we’ve found an answer? Does it matter?

There are so many questions. Hopefully, the 2017-18 NBA season holds at least some of the answers.

We’ll see. Opening night is only 11 days away.

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