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Klay Thompson’s new Anta commercial is so dope it must be photoshopped

Seriously, what is going on here?

NBA All-Star Game 2016 Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Happy Sunday everyone! If you need a slight upper (more so than waking up to find that the Warriors finally looked like the Warriors en route to demolishing the Timberwolves early this morning, 142-110), I have just the thing for you.

#ChinaKlay is our lord and savior, and I’ve watched this video no less than 40 times and counting already.


I’m so here for this. Okay, let’s break it down.


Klay Thompson sits in a bathtub full of golden sneakers. His (obviously red, blood-shot) eyes are obfuscated by thick black sunglasses. YG’s “Who Do You Love?” blasts in the background. Klay takes a shoe in each hand, fist pumps them in the air. He takes the shoe in his left hand, pretends that it is a phone while in his right, he holds the second shoe like a steering wheel, slowly rocking back and forth like he is casually swerving across four lanes of highway traffic. The camera cuts into strangely kaleidoscopic meanderings, as if I’m either having a stroke, or am back in the 90’s watching a Mariah Carey video on MTV. The shoes are golden as golden can be. They are golden like the first rays of sunlight on a cool summer morn. They are golden like a mountain lake touched by Midas, all the fish and turtles and little flies and whatnot all gilded and frozen in time. The shoes are golden like a baby’s smile. They reflect our true hearts. They refract against the swirling darkness. All is good. All is as it should be. Life makes perfect sense. Life is grand. Klay stares into the camera. He beckons you to join him in his bathtub full of golden shoes.

Klay Thompson is the second coming of the answer to all my problems, and my problems apparently chiefly consisted of the fact I had never in my life seen this video until this morning.

Need some more inspiration on this strange autumn Sunday?

Here are a few stills from the video, because WHY NOT?!

[All stills via Anta/Ball Is Life, because duh]

Who’s in the mood for some teeth?! [points two thumbs towards my chest, hollers] THIS GUY.

When you’re on top of the world, and also currently sitting in a bathtub full of golden shoes.

When the good stuff finally kicks in and life gets fuuuuuuuuuuuuunky.

When you remember how much you’re getting paid to sit in a bathtub full of golden shoes.

Oh, Klay, never change.

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