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Stephen Curry rocks “Dance Cam Mom” Curry 4s

The notorious Warriors superfan was immortalized on a pair of Under Armour sneakers

If you’ve watched the Golden State Warriors in the last year or so, chances are pretty good that you’re familiar with the woman known as “Dance Cam Mom”. She shows up to Warriors games wearing a Golden State Christmas sweater, and shows off some pretty sweet moves when the dance cam comes on.

She’s become so famous that the Warriors even did a feature on her near the end of last season:

On Tuesday, Dance Cam Mom’s fame reached a whole new level. She was immortalized on a pair of Curry 4s, the signature Under Armour sneaker for Stephen Curry. Curry rocked his Dance Cam Mom shoe at Tuesday’s practice, and they looked pretty slick.

These aren’t shoes that coincidentally happen to look like Dance Cam Mom’s famous sweater. They are specially designed to look the part:

So . . . this may be a little bit silly, but it’s also pretty awesome. The Dubs stay connected with their fans in some unique ways, and it’s a lot of fun.

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