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Golden State University: Potential Classes For the Dubs to teach

Steph Curry is partnering with MasterClass to present online basketball classes -- what other classes could the Golden State Warriors teach?

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Memphis Grizzlies Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Curry’s partnership with online education platform MasterClass is fitting collaboration for obvious reasons.

The two-time MVP has spent recent years schooling opposing defenses in various and dominant ways.

For $180 a year or $90 a session, you too can learn how to ‘cook’ defenses like ‘Chef Curry’ but why stop there? Imagine taking courses from various other Golden State Warriors.


During your time here at ‘Golden State University,” expect to broaden your knowledge and appreciation of the game of basketball under the tutelage of some of the brightest minds in the game today. Since Curry’s class emphasizes shooting, ball handling, and attacking a defense, here are some other classes available at “Dub U” to help you achieve your hoop dreams.

DEF 101.35 ADVANCED SHOT BLOCKING- Instructor: Dr. Kevin Durant

During his 10 year career, Kevin Durant has been widely renowned for his prolific and efficient scoring. With so much attention devoted to Durant’s offense, his defensive acumen goes unrecognized. He is currently tied for second in the league in blocks with 2.2 blocks per game. Granted, his size has a lot to do with this; but in this class, you can become an effective blocker by honing timing, coordination and effort.

OFF 333.11 INTRO TO BUCKETOLOGY- Instructor: Prof. Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson is off to a scorching start this season. He is within striking distance of the 50/40/90 mark with splits of 51.1/47/ 80 shooting. This shouldn’t be surprising since this is the same man who scored 60 points off of 11 dribbles last season, and exploded for 37 points in a quarter before that.

For the player who wants to provide instant offense, this class is a must. Under Thompson’s instruction, you will improve your ability to shoot off the dribble and off the catch. You will also learn how to play within the system of your team without having to sacrifice parts of your game.

Thompson’s laid back and chill demeanor is by no surprise a hit with his “students”. If you think this class is popular, you should check out his class on “living your best life internationally”.

DEF 150.23 IN-GAME PSYCHOLOGY- Instructor: Prof. Draymond Green.

The game is as mental as it is physical and sometimes that fact of the game gets overlooked because there is so much focus on what you see on the court. Momentum should not be taken lightly and neither should the effect that trash talking has on the opponent.

Besides being one of the elite defenders in the league, Draymond Green knows how to get in an opponent’s head like no other. If you as a player can get in someone’s head before tip-off, you’ve won half of the battle.

What better player than Green to learn from? In this class, you will learn how to verbally roast your opponent to the point where his or her desire to knock you into the middle of next week overrides the desire to win the game. Prof. Durant’s ‘burner’ account class is a prerequisite, however.

OFF 210.3 PASSING AND COURT AWARENESS- Instructor: Dr. David West.

If you pay attention to the second unit, check out how David West makes timely passes whenever someone like Nick Young and Ian Clark before him make a backdoor cut. Ball movement is such an integral part of the Warriors offense and when West is out there, it’s like he’s a second play-maker at times with his passing and his hustle to the boards.

As a savvy vet, West’s court awareness is phenomenal. In this class, you will learn the skills to earn you either more playing time or a roster spot; because teams are always looking for someone who’s a worker with high intelligence for the game.

If physicality and being an “enforcer” is your speed, check out the class he teaches with Associate Professor Zaza Pachulia and get some “goon” skills in your arsenal.

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