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Warriors at 76ers: let’s see what these guys got

Joel Embiid has a strong game, and stronger mouth - let’s gooooOooo!

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NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Alright fans, it’s time for a Saturday matinee. The Philadelphia 76ers’ star Joel Embiid has been talking a big game about how this was going to be different, now that we are coming to their house - time to see if they can back it up.

Since we saw them last week, the Sixers have had some very solid wins. in fact, one Redditor pointed out the fact that Embiid has managed to score more points in Staples than heralded rookie Lonzo Ball - which says loads about both players. But Embiid has caught the eye of Coach Steve Kerr, who described his recent play as nothing less than “terrifying.”

But the Warriors are the measuring stick of the NBA. Despite the loss to the worthy Boston Celtics, the Warriors are still in firm grasp of their ongoing legacy of dominance. Embiid says he’s ready (ready to talk trash and ready to back it up on the court):

No injuries for either team, and both will be running out the same starters. They said after last game that the Sixers will “make some adjustments” but it remains to be seen exactly what those adjustments may be. Will Robert Covington manage to make more of an impact now that he is making an extra $15 million this season? Can Ben Simmons shoot a respectable percentage from the floor? Will Embiid turn it over less than the seven times he did in the last game?

Here are Kerr’s thoughts from shootaround this morning on the subject, as well as some reflections from Andre Iguodala on how his time in Philly helped him grow up in the NBA:

One last quick note: the Flyers just played a hockey game in the Arena. This isn’t something that’s never been done before, but I’m always nervous about players getting hurt on a slippery floor, or struggling in a cold arena. For what it’s worth, I asked my local Philly buddy about it, and he assured me that the floors are never slippery after the hockey game - even when they are as tightly scheduled as today.

Ok folks, get your daytime beers ready - you can’t drink all day if you don’t start early!

Let’s go Warriors!

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